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DJ Auld

Thousands of years ago, before the birth of Sigourney Weaver, the Earth cooled, velociraptors came and went, and humans sprang up and began adorning their flesh with designs. Tattoos have been made for great tradition, individuality, ritualistic honor, or just mutual boredom...and then for a long time, not much happened.In the year 2005, a human named DJ decided to embark on the journey to be a part of the long-held artistic calling of tattooing. He found through the years that his love for drawing cartoons and bright, bold colors made for his favorite tattoos. The bigger the tattoo, the better, and those bold enough to be seen from across the street were always the best. He works in almost all styles these days, from new school, illustrative, abstract/watercolor, realistic black and grey, and geometric, and is mostly just stoked to have the right people in his life that wear that art proudly.

DJ draws inspiration from the bold and funny, from animals, and from the joys of all the things that surround us. He is terrible at writing bios, especially in the third person, but he delights in picking clients' brains and really finding deep connections to make the best piece of art and the best experience for it. He delights in problem-solving and achieving high-five-worthy pieces that will last a lifetime. He is eternally grateful to everyone that has supported him and his art along the way and looks forward to the next amazing piece.

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